A beautiful Art Deco style working Cadet Bell slot machine. At some point in time during the war years it was painted a battleship gray. The original red enamel can be seen just above the 10 cent plate. The machine has a unique Mystery Bonus Jackpot and escalating nickel mechanism. It is in original, un-restored condition and functions properly. Does have some repairs over the years (shown in the photos).

Caille machines were looked on as the „Rolls Royce“ of slot machines with good workmanship and what was considered „classy“ designs for the day. During their reasonably short existence, they produced a staggering 248 different machines from pinballs to slots and trade stimulators to strength testers.

I would consider trading for a cent (penny), dime, fifty-cent, or dollar machine..

  vintage 14k old handcraft bone earring

1936 Caille Cadet Bell Slot Machine – $1,750