Powerful / Exciting art work in 40 poster collection from 1917 – 1929 that I purchased in 1973. You can view some of them on line. (Original collection is housed at Leningrad museum) You can google „Collection of posters of the 1917 – 1929 Russian revolution“ to view my set of 40. Photo #1 sold on a live auction for 4170 and is the cover of my 40 piece collection with that poster in it. The other 5 are some of my favorites of this amazing 40 poster set. In storage for many years, Make a reasonable offer and the collection is yours. Email your contact number for more pics and info and we can make an appointment. Thanks for looking.

  CLEMENTONI 1500ч. Пъзел High Quality Collection Rome 31819

Collection of Russian Revolution posters – $750