Edo Era Small Katana Hagire ( crack in edge)

Price accounts for damage, but open to offers

„Shin Shinto“ (mid to late Edo Period)

Damaged Edo era small katana. A damaged blade like this is a relic. This is good for a budget collector who wants a real antique for a low price. All Nakago ana are original, one was added when it was mounted as a navy sword for the second world war (late war, the navy mounts it was in didn’t survive so I used them to repair another sword in navy mounts)

It was also shortened just a little bit (machi-okuri), probably to fit military handle.

Hypothetically, one could mount this blade and still use it to practice form and cut with, but the crack makes it poor for cutting.

Note: Since the blade was damaged and out of polish, I Have since VINEGAR ETCHED the blade Lightly to bring out what features I could, since it would not be possible to have re-polished.

  33.5 см купа Bohemia от серия Crack Gold

The Hamon is very visible after my etch, and is very detailed

This sword is barely a katana, it is only 2 shaku in length. It also appears to be Machi-Okuri (shortened a small amount by raising the notches the collar rests on), so the blade might have been a little longer at one point.

EDO ERA Short Katana Machi-Okuri HAGIRE CRACK – $550