An uncommon early Showa Era/ Gendai Tou sword with a full bo hi on both sides, early gendai blade, probably pre war. Tsuka has modified standard type 98 army fuchi and kashira that look like they were polished down to look like normal non standar issue handachi mounts. Saya , seppa , and possibly tsuba are theoretically edo era. Tsuba looks like ones on some other „civilian mount“ / more traditional mount military swords

Monosteel, Mu ji hada (no folding). Nice midare, very nice proportions, very natural midare hamon. No arsenal stamps suggest that not only is it likely an earlier showato, but possibly a customized request. This blade feels like it was made for a practitioner

  1940 Antique Brass lamp

Gunto Sword Showato Early Gendai / Showa Nihonto Katana – $1,050