3 Circus Circus Jackets 1 pink XL, 1 blue
L and one light blue 4X
2 Bally slot machine glass panels
1 Circus Circus pocket knife (still in
original packaging)
1 Black Las Vegas bandana
40 Circus Circus keychains (pink with
Circus Circus logo on one side, address
on the other)
Box of Circus Circus matchbooks (full
minus one – potential buyer wanted to
know if they worked. They do)
4 Caesars Palace poker chips (500) NCV
1 Nob Hill Casino 1$ poker chip
1 Royal Cafe 5$ poker chip
1Nevada Poker chip
More; pins, cards, patches, postcards etc.
All vintage but new/never used ( not counting the poker chips) Some still in
original packaging.

Las Vegas vintage souvenir lot – $130