This vintage Necchi has been well cared for over the years, and is in excellent working condition. The seafoam green and cream paint is also in excellent condition with little to no marks or scratches on the body.

Everything works as it should. Beautiful straight and zig zag stitch, plus dozens of speciality stitches, with included cams. Bobbin winder (with original Necchi bobbins and bobbin covers), power cord, foot pedal, original instruction manuals, accessory kit including cams, multiple feet, tools.

Cabinet opens on top to the right and left. The lift mechanism machine is spring operated so it takes zero effort to lift the machine up for use. It can be controlled with the foot pedal or it has a knee pedal if you prefer to use your leg instead of your foot to control the machine.

  Samsung Galaxy S21 ULTRA 256GB

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Necchi Supernova Ultra Automatica – $125