First I am in Kingman and I do not want to ship.
PRICE IS NOT $1 AND VARIES BY THE CAN. I had these in my old gas station. Some are very nice, some not so nice. Buy one or buy all. Individual pricing will be less than on SOLD EBAY PRICING. If you know cans you know what they are. Prefer to discount and sell all in one lot APPROXIMATELY 40 PIECES ASKING $600.. Example: the Phillips 66 outboard oil can SOLD for over $100 you can buy this one for $60. Other cans priced accordingly. I WILL PROVIDE INDIVIDUAL PRICES.THANK YOU!! Valvoline Simoniz Prestone Dupont RPM Castrol Andy Glaze STP Conoco etc. PHILLIPS 66 Petrolania Automobilia Other items shown also for sale. Red Giant Battery sign is not for sale but I put it on just to share it, It is the only one I have ever seen.

  Lux Botancals Bird of Paradise & Rosehip Oil Hand Wash 400ml