I purchased these tokens February 23, 1994 in Las Vegas. I converted 25 cent hopper machines to token play.

I have about 4,000 mostly brass and some nickel tokens. I also have SIX Token Acceptors (slug rejectors). I also have some samples of others kinds of tokens that were sent for me to choose from in 1994. All from Lexington, Kentucky manufacturer.

These are all like new. Shiny brass and nickel. I want to Sell All at one time. These have been in dry storage and no damage and everything looks as I received them. My order was for 4,000 Brass 16 gauge tokens and 200 Nickel 16 gauge tokens an 6 Metal Coin Acceptors.

Some people have these as collectables. I want to sell them as I no longer use or need them…

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Call or Email me through Craigslist: Raymond Seven25-seven7seven-three5twofour.

Slot Machine Tokens 25 cent Brass / Nickel – $1