As per the appraisal:

This is a pair of Tabernacle Doors from South America, painted in the mid-18th century in the Couscos School style. Each door contains 2 panels (or lights) depicting scenes from Christ’s life. The wooden doors are shaped in the Gothic Arch style. When viewed from the outside (or closed position) the panels are done in a faux stone texture. Opening the doors reveals the scenic panels chronology of which are the Nativity, the Adoration of the Magi, the Entombment, and the Resurrection.

Condition: The overall condition of the doors is remarkable given their age. The colors remain vibrant with no evidence of restoration. The original locking mechanism remains intact and there is some paint loss on the metal surface, which is the back plate of the lock. A piece of trim molding is missing from the bottom right-facing door.

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Value: $15,000

These absolutely stunning religious artifacts are priceless. The appraisal comes in at $15,000. Selling due to the downsizing of my mother’s estate due to my father’s recent passing. If you or anyone you know is a collector of such beautiful artwork and history, please contact me.

Tabernacle Doors mid-18th century – $7,500