I have firebird pipe lighter…$50 1 sarome swallow japan..chrome.. $20. 1 1945 naughty lady golden star $70. 1 Johnnie Walker Ronson red and chrome..$ 50. 2 Marlboro made in france..$24.. 1 gold zippo x1….$25.. 1 Ronson 1940 chrome whirlwind Packard war worker emblem …$75. The matches are included… Call RandyRead More →

The year 1860 Walnut wood sleigh style bed full size 2 side dresser and vanity marble topped . good condition comes with original mirror attached to vanity. I have a certificate of Appraisal for the set from 1983, Estimated coast $2,400.00. can text appraisal and pictures of set in useRead More →