Видео карта ATi RV2S Radeon Club3D 7500 AGP

Продавам видео карта ATi RV2S Radeon Club3D 7500 AGP

Модел: ATi CGA-7564TV RV2S ver1.1

64MB/DDR/128bit/TV-Out/VGA/Composite Out

AGP 4x

DireckX v8.1


Dual monitor and video output support

64MB DDR memory accelerates the latest 3D and 2D games and applications

HYPERZ increases graphics memory bandwidth

Video Immersion for industry-leading DVD playback

High-resolution 32-bit 3D graphics up to 2048×1536

Designed and manufactured by ATI

Featuring Catalyst – ATI’s industry-leading software suite with frequently scheduled free updates providing additional features and performance over the product’s lifetime.

Powerful 3D graphics performance

Powered by the Radeon 7500 GPU and 64MB DDR memory for advanced 3D graphics

Delivers immersive, realistic 32-bit color graphics without PC performance decline

High-resolution 32-bit 3D gaming up to 2048×1536

Full support of DirectX and OpenGL applications

Charisma Engine supports fll Transformation, Clipping and Lighting (T& L) at 45 million triangles/second peak processing capability

Pixel Tapestry, the Radeon 7500 rendering engine, powers an incredible 1.74 gigatexels/second for the highest fill rates in 32-bit at high resolutions

Flexible dual monitor support

Supports combinations of traditional CRT monitors, flat panel displays and TV

Hydravision software provides the most flexible and user-friendly interface for multiple display settings

Multi-task with MultiDesk – create, name and organize up to nine active multi-monitor desktops

Assign ’Hot Key’ shortcuts for the functions used most often, like moving active windows or applications, accessing controls on the fly or opening applications

Set applications to automatically open in preferred position on the monitor and eliminate the need to reset computer settings every time the computer is turned on

Industry-leading DVD playback

Video Immersion technology allows for adaptive de-interlacing for best quality motion video and text

Process full-frame rate, full-screen DVD or MPEG-2 video

Hardware DVD saves the expense of buying a separate MPEG-2/DVD decoder card

Motion compensation and iDCT allow for DVD decoding with minimum CPU usage

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Видео карта ATi RV2S Radeon Club3D 7500 AGP

15 лв.

+359 89 502 1303

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